Frequently Asked Questions

What does AV CAPITAL do? What are its products?

AV which stands for added value is a corporate finance advisory firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, business valuation, corporate restructuring and strategy consulting for companies in the Pacific Rim (Asia Pacific)

Who are some of your clients? What deals have you done?

We have successfully completed transactions on behalf of multinational clients, government agencies, publicly listed companies and family businesses across the Pacific Rim. During periods of global uncertainty such as the SARS crisis in year 2003 and the Lehman fallout in year 2009, we still managed to complete M&A as well fundraising deals for clients in China and Indonesia because of our market insight and credibility.

Who is your target market? Transaction size? Companies? Industry?

Our assignments are usually on behalf of well established companies requiring transactions from US$ 25 MM to US$ 100 MM.  Most of our clients (and experiences) have been with “old economy” companies in sectors such as shipping, oilfield services, paper and packaging, general manufacturing, distribution, power plants, aerospace and financial services

Why is AV CAPITAL different from other investment banks or consultants?

First, each and every assignment is led by a senior executive who stays until the transaction is completed. Second, we combine industry expertise with corporate finance expertise. Third, we have international capability comparable to the major international banks. These factors have enabled us to execute timely transactions and often achieve early success.