Capital Raising

In the Asian countries that we are involved in, many businesses including privately owned family groups and publicly listed companies are often unable to capture all of their growth opportunities due to lack of ready access to capital and cost considerations. The capital and cost constraints are due to factors such as the absence of investment grade ratings, lack of depth and transparency in their capital markets or shortage of Euro-dollar funding and reliance of banks to rely on name lending and conventional financing structure.

If those companies including many family owned businesses and publicly listed companies limit their growth to a level which can be supported by these sources, they may risk losing their position in the market to competitors with stronger balance sheets and more capital. It is also imperative that companies utilize financing techniques that reduce corporate risk and costs but enhance every prospect for maximizing profitability. That’s where we can help.

AV CAPITAL is ideally positioned to assist companies in articulating and executing your funding requirements through our targeted placement with financial sponsors such as wholesale banks or private equity or institutional investors as well as sophisticated high net-worth individuals. Our team with its international experience and creative solutions would position your company’s business case in a way that well established financial sponsors are accustomed to.

We bring innovation to accessing world standard solutions that result in bespoke, structured facilities in any of the given financing situation denoted below:

  • Conventional Loan and Syndication Programs Finance Program
  • Bonds and Medium Term Note (MTN) Financing
  • Convertibles, Warrants and Mezzanine Financing
  • Pre IPO Financing and Share Placements
  • IPO Advisory
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Rescheduling and Recapitalization Programs
  • Refinancing and Exchange Offers
  • Lease and Leveraged Finance Structures
  • Project Finance and Non-Recourse Financing