Business Valuations

All businesses, large or small and public or private need an understanding the value of their business which can be crucial to foster its development. Valuation is often the key deciding factor behind IPO timing or merger and acquisitions or attracting finance. In executing strategic decision, shareholders and/or management needs to assess the potential impact of these steps on the value of their business.

AV CAPITAL believes that business valuation is more than just a spreadsheet analysis or a series of mathematical calculations. In our valuation engagements, we try to gain a deep understanding of a company’s operations, perform a detailed analysis of development dynamics and define key internal and external value drivers. The depth of our experience, gained from completing hundreds of business valuations spanning across all industries, sizes and stages of a company’s life cycle, have enabled us to deliver robust value opinions and insightful solutions. Our engagements are performed by MBA and CFA designated professionals and our work standard adheres to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards and the professional valuation standards as set forth by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (US)

AV CAPITAL is ideally positioned to assist companies and shareholders with business valuations needs given our problem solving approach and international perspectives. This sets us apart from our competition. We always deliver an independent and unbiased conclusion of value as our fees are not contingent on the success of the valuation and remain conflict free in selecting our business engagements.

Typically our clients retained us for valuation assignments due to the following situations

  • Financial Reporting and Audit Compliance
  • Purchase Price Allocation Analysis (PPA) under FRS 103 (Business Combinations)
  • Valuation of Intangibles and Patents
  • Goodwill Impairment Analysis
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan Using Option Models
  • Valuation involving IPO or Capital Raising
  • Valuation to resolve or mediate shareholder disputes
  • Valuation of specialized businesses or situations such as Forest Industry, Palm Oil and Mining